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Intelligence & National Security

Manage a crisis and secure the nation at the NSLC on Intelligence & National Security.
  • Level: High School
  • Grades: Enrolled in 9-12
  • Length: 6 days
At the National Student Leadership Conference on National Intelligence & Homeland Security, you will have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to sit on the National Security Council, facing the tough decisions that protect our country. You’ll meet with leading policy experts from the Departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security and others to gain insights into the steps that are taken to protect our country.

Program Highlights

Intelligence National Security 2

National Security Council Simulation
Create national security strategies and protect our nation’s critical infrastructures

Guest Speakers
Meet with leading members of the intelligence and defense communities including top officials from the CIA, FBI, DIA, NSA and Pentagon

Visit government agencies
including the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI and the Pentagon

Dates & Locations

Hands-On Simulations

The NSLC on National Intelligence & Homeland Security uses an interactive approach to learning that gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the challenging complexities of the intelligence and national security community. You will act as a member of the National Security Council, tasked with solving an unfolding crisis. Whether serving as the National Security Advisor, the Secretary of Defense, the Vice President or one of the other NSC members, you will have to work with your team to protect the nation. You will make decisions and learn their consequences in a fast-paced simulation of real-life crisis situations – from a catastrophic hurricane to a terrorist threat.

Our college-level lecture series will give you a foundation of knowledge on the basics of the national intelligence community and homeland security policy formulation.

Topics include:

Intelligence Simulations
Intelligence National Security

Meet Intelligence Professionals

While at the NSLC’s summer high school program on national intelligence, you will meet with and learn from leaders in fields of intelligence, defense, and national security strategy. In past years, NSLC students have heard from guest speakers including top leaders at the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the State Department and the Pentagon.
Examples of past speakers include:

Secretary Robert Gates
Department of Defense

General Martin Dempsey
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Lt. General Ronald Burgess
Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

Mr. George Tenet
Director, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Rear Admiral Elizabeth Train
Director of Intelligence, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Ms. Letitia Long
Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

Assistant Director Wiliam Daitch
Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS)

General Michael Hayden
Director, National Security Agency (NSA)

General Paul J. Selva
Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

An important part of the NSLC national intelligence and homeland security program is seeing the sites around some of our nation’s greatest cities. These trips are designed as both sightseeing tours and exclusive educational trips specifically tailored to the area of Intelligence.
Trips may include:

American University

  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • National Security Agency
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • The Pentagon
  • Arlington Cemetery
  • International Spy Museum
  • Capitol Hill
  • The Smithsonian Institution
  • Historic D.C. Monuments at Night

Leadership Training

At the heart of the NSLC is a leadership curriculum designed to build concrete leadership skills that will help you succeed. Interactive lectures and small-group workshops will give you an opportunity to build upon your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
Leadership topics tailored to the Intelligence & National Security program include


Program tuition includes housing, all on-campus meals, course materials, academic expenses, and activities. Tuition also includes chartered, air-conditioned motor coaches for off-campus briefings and tours. 

Note: Students are responsible for the cost of travel to and from the program as well as individual spending money for souvenirs, laundry, and a few off-campus meals during fields trips and tours.

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