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International Business

Make decisions with a global impact at the NSLC on International Business.
  • Level: High School
  • Grades: Enrolled in 9-12
  • Length: 10 days
In our increasingly connected world, business decisions made in one region affect lives in another. At the NSLC on International Business, you will think globally as you work with students from all over the world to tackle the major challenges facing business leaders today. This program allows you to explore the transformation of the economy in this global age, wrestle with issues confronting multinational businesses, and visit leading international businesses and institutions.

Program Highlights

Multinational Corporation Simulation
Guide a multinational corporation and make financial and operational decisions affecting the global marketplace

International Trade Simulation
Represent a nation as you and your peers work together, overcoming cultural and economic differences, to create trade agreements that are mutually beneficial

Guest Lectures & Speakers
Meet with and learn from leading executives and distinguished professors about how to build and manage successful companies and financial institutions

Dates & Locations

Hands-On Simulations

Experience international business firsthand through interactive simulations workshops.

Discover the complexities of international trade as you take control of a developing country and work with your team to grow your econonmy. Harness the power of the global system as you negotiate trade agreements and increase your country’s markets.

Direct the fortunes of a growing multinational corporation. Work with your team to make decisions in the areas of marketing, R&D, business development, and operations. Respond to corporate crises in real time as you grapple with the challenges facing international businesses.

Exclusive Guest Speakers

While at the NSLC on International Business, you will meet with and learn from leaders in the International Business community.
In past years, guest speakers at the NSLC have included:

Mr. Steven Rogers
Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

Mr. James Moy
Business Development Manager, International Olympic Committee

Mr. Sudip Basu
Economist, International Trade, United Nations

Ms. Morallina George
Program Manager, The World Bank

Ms. Charlotte Lane
Former Commissioner, United States International Trade Commission

Mr. Robert Kyloh
Senior Economic Advisor, International Labor Organization

Mr. Vinnie Lauria
Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

Ms. Althea Lim
CEO, Gushcloud International

Mr. Guillem Riambau-Armet
Assistant Professor of Social Sciences (Economics), Yale-NUS College

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

An important part of the NSLC on International Business is seeing the sites around one of the world’s most important business hubs. These trips are designed as both sightseeing tours and exclusive educational trips specifically tailored to the area of International Business.
These trips may include:

Georgetown University

  • World Bank
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Export Import Bank of the U.S.
  • Corporate Site Visit
  • DC Monuments at Night
  • Capitol Hill & Smithsonian Museums

Leadership Training

At the heart of each of our youth leadership programs is a curriculum designed to build concrete leadership skills that will help you succeed. Interactive lectures and small-group workshops will give you an opportunity to build upon your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
Leadership topics tailored to the International Business program include:


Program tuition includes housing, all on-campus meals, course materials, academic expenses, and activities. Tuition also includes chartered, air-conditioned motor coaches for off-campus briefings and tours. 

Note: Students are responsible for the cost of travel to and from the program as well as individual spending money for souvenirs, laundry, and a few off-campus meals during fields trips and tours.

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